A beautiful palette that contains 3 blush shades and 3 highlighters. 


TOP: From left to right-

Dream House- A hot pink blush that is perfect for the Barbie girl in all of us.  It adds a rose tint to the cheeks that will have everyone thinking you’re such a doll. 


Bellini- A peach colored blush that’s truly intoxicating. This shade is perfect for grabbing a drink with your gal pals. You’ll feel peachy keen when you have this on your cheeks. 


Cosmo-A cranberry colored blush that is truly perfect for any occasion. It can be worn to dance the night away, or to handle business in the boardroom. Wear this shade to truly feel like a Cosmo girl. 


Highlighters: From right to left.

Discotheque- A white gold highlighter that shines like a disco ball on the dance floor. This shade adds a nice subtle golden frost to the cheekbones. Feel like a dancing queen in this groovy shade. 


Golden Dreams- A beautiful golden highlighter that truly is the shade of your dreams. It adds a beautiful glow to the face that is truly one of a kind. Get swept away in this gorgeous fantasy. 


Beach Blanket- A deep bronze highlighter that adds a beautiful sun kissed glow to the face. Achieve a Malibu ready face in seconds with this stunner of a shade. 

Dejour BLUSH&GLOW Palette

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