The Story of

Visionary Cosmetics


Michael Aguilar was five years old when he first started watching his mother, LeighAnn, do her morning makeup routine.

He immediately wanted to help in any way he could. His mother decided to sit him down and explain how her way of doing makeup was a little different. So, if he was going to help, he needed to know how the process worked.

He would help her find the shades of eyeshadow she needed, which could be trick y in a pallet of numerous colors. Or, find the lipstick color she needed to match her outfit. It could get hard when she bought several shades from the same brand, and the containers were identical.

You’re probably wondering why his mother needed this assistance...

She was born with glaucoma, a disease that affects the pressure in the eye. She gradually began losing sight around the age of seven, and by thirteen her vision was gone.

But, she stayed positive, because she knew this was not going to stop her from living her life to the fullest.

She was a teen in the 80’s, which meant loud music and even louder style. She wanted her MTV and blue eyeshadow. It didn’t take long for her to begin trying some new looks.

After some practice, she learned how to apply her foundation, concealer, blush, and eye shadow..All with her fingertips. Brushes created a barrier between the makeup and her skin, which made the application very difficult. She needed to feel her bone structure. She needed to know every detail of her face to achieve the look she wanted.

But things weren't as easy when it came to buying the makeup. Whether in a department or drug store, finding the right shade could be a nightmare. It didn’t matter if she was looking for blush or a foundation, she would always have a somewhat difficult time regardless if she was being helped or not.

It frustrated her that the visually impaired community was so overlooked in the beauty industry.

Michael decided it was time to do something about it. He created Visionary Cosmetics, to help people living with little to no vision feel more confident with makeup. Whether you are just starting to wear makeup, or a pro, Visionary Cosmetics promises to enhance your experience when it comes to all things makeup.

Visionary Cosmetics is truly an all inclusive brand, starting with the fact that the packaging and the cosmetic containers feature braille.

Almost everything in this line can be easily applied and blended with the fingertips. No brushes required.

If you or a person you know has albinism, Visionary Cosmetics carries a fabulous selection of foundations and concealers. The line features several shades with medicinal properties to help with sensitive skin.​

From the foundations to the eyeshadow palettes, makeup has never felt more beautiful.


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